Maria Coit

Life Coach

I am a life coach dedicated to helping people reclaim their power and change the world through Unapologetic Self-Care



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In 2020, I was a burned out and miserable human. I was dealing with crippling anxiety that manifested as depression, and was a hairs breadth away from a complete mental breakdown. I had no idea what I was missing out on by staying busy all the time.

I had completely disconnected from my spirit and purpose. I was adrift.

Enter the pandemic

I spent the next two years healing my burnout. I learned how to connect with my body. I practiced mindfulness. I developed a practice of self-care that has been lifesaving.

Now it’s your turn!

Ways to Work With Me

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Boundless You

My signature 1:1 program.
We will spend 6 months together in this bespoke container, incorporating all I have learned through my own journey.


Coming soon!

The 4 Principles of Self-Care



Emotional Boundaries


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