Hi, I'm Maria!

I am an artist, illustrator, coach, and educator who is extremely passionate about creativity and empowering people just like you to be bold and take chances!

I'm a serial entrepreneur with ADHD, so I always have a few projects going! Some of my current projects include:

  • A cat-themed affirmations deck

  • Hand-lettered quotes and artwork

  • Rainbows and loops

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I also have a blog on Substack dedicated to my random thoughts. This space is always evolving, but currently I am intending to write a little bit each day, as sort of a journal, and see where that leads me. I am calling it my future book blog. 😆

Art helps us build connections to each other ❤️

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Calling All Creative Weirdos!

Everything I create is designed to empower you to go after your dreams

Here's a list of ways that you can learn from or collaborate with me.


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