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I help women prioritize their needs so they have the energy to change the world 🌎 for future generations

1:1 Coaching

Boundless You


3 months / 9 sessions

Lifestyle Audit & Inventory

Create Goals for the Future

Gently Confront Past Wounds

Develop a Plan for Moving Forward

It all boils down to self-care! Self-care is about intentionally choosing our lifestyle, meeting our needs, and allowing ourselves to dream of a better future.

Boundless You is my bespoke 1:1 Life Coaching program. We'll work together to audit your current lifestyle, discuss the dreams and goals you have for the future, and make intentional changes to your routines and systems to get you there.

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Featured Client Testimonial

Working with Maria helped me to see the areas of my self-care which needed more attention. By doing the lifestyle inventory, I was amazed at how little I was paying attention to my physical and emotional well-being. It really drove home that I was surviving, not thriving! Maria was able to offer some small, doable, action items that did not seem overwhelming. Thanks to Maria, I now prioritize my journaling and morning mindfulness practice. I feel the difference when I prioritize myself.


Join my email list and get my FREE 30 Days of Self-Care Workbook !